Facebook Rules for Married Couples

Facebook Rules for Married Couples

Today, I read a post on one of my friend’s blogs.  The post was entitled “Facebook Rules for Marriage.”  At first the title kind of took me by surprise.  Rules for marriage?  Really?  The more I thought about it though, the more I liked the concept.  It seems like a great idea to have mutually accepted rules that each party will follow.  With Facebook causing far too many divorces today I think it’s important for couples to have “Facebook Rules” that they agree upon.  A few of the rules she listed was to “Share Login Info.”  Check, my husband and I do that.  Another was “Don’t DM privately with anyone of the opposite sex (except family members).”  While we don’t exactly follow this we do make a point of adding each other to those conversations so there can never be any room for question.  If I’m messaging a man I’ll also add his wife into the conversation too so she doesn’t have any reason to be suspicious.  To see the whole list of Facebook rules, head on over to SavingDollarsAndSense.com.

What do you think about having rules for marriage?  Aside from Facebook, what other rules have you and your spouse agreed upon?

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  1. Thanks for sharing The Facebook Rules for Marriage 🙂

  2. We don’t have any rules – he talks to old friends of his and I talk to mine and neither of us has ever had suspicions or reason to worry. I imagine that his facebook password is the typical one he uses for other things but I have never felt the need to check. Neither of us has ever had a problem if the other uses our phone (smart phones connected to our emails, fb accounts, etc) or anything else either.

    However I do think this is a great idea for some couples! I know people including a family member who has been talking to her old kindergarten boyfriend (both of them having problems with their spouses) and I know that their spouses wouldn’t be happy about it at all with the flirty tone involved.

    • AshleyWalkup says:

      Yes, I don’t think my husband and I have anything to worry about but the more precautions the better, right? I’ve never logged into his account but I like knowing that I can if I want to.

  3. My fiance shares his login info with me so I can show him where to sign up for coupons – I guess our Facebook lives are just as boring as our real lives, LOL!!!

  4. My husband and I share all login information with each other. Plus we also keep each other posted as to where we are at all times.

  5. Sheryll says:

    Married for 8 months and I feel like a mistress and my husband is married to facebook and not me 🙁 I already tried many times to let him know how it is affecting our marriage but he is just ignoring me. I don’t know what to do anymore

  6. Sheryll says:

    My husband spends so much time on Facebook that one time I asked if we can talk and he told me in such a rude way that he is busy on Facebook. We hardly talk anymore. When we get home from work, he picks up his laptop and stays there until he goes to bed. It’s the same thing he does soon as he wakes up in the morning until we get to work. I am close to disabling the internet on those days because we talked about it before and he said he will pay attention to me but that never happened.

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