How 31 Bloggers Met Their Spouses

31 bloggers share how they met their spouses

Starting today and lasting through the month of October, I’ll be participating in The Nester’s 31 Days series.  Each day I’ll share one “How We Met” story that was written by blogger.  Some stories are funny, some romantic, and all of them are guaranteed to make you smile.  Join me for a month of romantic stories!

31 How We Met Stories

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Day 5 – Because She Was Running Late

Day 6 – He Fell for Adrienne’s Mom

Day 7 – Third Time is a Charm

Day 8 – College Sweethearts

Day 9 – The Sparks Flew

Day 10 – Yep, We Met On The Interwebs

How to Give Your Man a Massage

How to Give Your Man a Killer Massage!

There aren’t many things that are indulgent and good for you but a massage is one of them!  A good massage will help you relax and release tension.  Plus, new studies have shown that it can help boost your immune system and help regulate high blood pressure!

Why not give your spouse the gift of relaxation this Valentine’s Day?  Go grab your partner and follow these simple to follow tips from Josie Feria, the Director of Operations at Lapis Spa, and your skills can revival the pros.  Just so you’re aware, I’ve added my two cents in {brackets} below.  Enjoy!!

Environment; Set the Ambiance:

  • – Lower lights.
  • – {Clean the room where you’ll give the massage. It’s hard to relax surrounded by clutter.}
  • – Light candles {Tea lights are a great, cheap option}.
  • – Warm the room to a comfortable 72 degrees.
  • – Burn a fragrant candle or incense.
  • – {Relaxing music turned down low could be nice.  Something instrumental that you can’t hum along to would be my pick.}


  • – Use a pillow {or two} as a bolster to prop up the legs.
  • – Oil for massage – use a carrier oil like almond, avocado or grape seed oil and add a few drops of essential aromatherapy oil. {Bath & Body Works sells a great line of aromatherapy massage oils}
  • – Two hand towels heated in the microwave.

Massage Technique:

  • – {Apply oil to hands after warming the oil in bowl of hot water}
  • – Slow rhythmic movements done in a series will produce a sense of relaxation and nurturing.
  • – Starting on the back left side use long and consistent strokes (effleurage).   Begin at waist and move up to the shoulder – do this 6 / 9 times with sufficient pressure to stimulate circulation and bring a rosy tone to the surface of the skin.
  • – Move to shoulder and perform slow, rhythmic kneading and rolling motion on the shoulder and the neck with emphasis on muscle from neck to shoulder which undergoes a lot of strain due to office work and bad posture.
  • – Be consistent by counting the number of strokes you use in each area and varying the pressure as you sense the tissue becoming more relaxed under your hands.
  • – Reapply oil as needed to maintain slip and movement of the hands.
  • – Continue to right side and repeat entire process.
  • – End the work on the back using both hands in sweeping upward motion through middle of back to nape of neck.  Apply pressure to the spinal column – gently with both thumbs.
  • – Now on to the scalp/head massage – this is important to massage as the scalp and face hold a lot of stress
  • – Turn guest over and place a rolled hand towel – heated in your microwave wave under the neck and one (not rolled) under the back to give warmth and further relax – proceed to add a small amount of oil to your hands and perform a scalp massage {I wouldn’t want oil on my head so ask your partner before doing this} by using thumb to apply pressure to temple- center of head and the bridge under the eyes – use the counting method to remain consistent in strokes.

I know that gifts should be given without any expectation of one in return but hopefully your spouse will be so appreciative of your efforts that he’ll return the favor at a later time.  Don’t expect it right away though because you’ve just made him completely relaxed.

You know you’re pregnant when…

You know you're pregnant when...

You know you are pregnant when everything food related on Pinterest makes you sick instead of wanting to pin it.

A friend of mine shared the above “You know you’re pregnant when…” status today and ever since then I keep thinking of more scenarios when you know you’re pregnant.  I hope you’ll enjoy my list and that you’ll add your own in the comments below.

You know you’re pregnant when you get up to pee in the middle of the night and fall asleep on the toilet.

You know you’re pregnant when you’re ready for a snack fifteen minutes after you finished dinner.

You know you’re pregnant when you finally understand what your mom meant when she said, “…and after all I’ve done for you.”

You know you’re pregnant when you are scrubbing the baseboards because the baby can’t come home (months from now) without clean baseboards!

You know you’re pregnant when……..wait what was I talking about again?

You know you’re pregnant when emptying the dishwasher becomes strenuous exercise.

You know you’re pregnant when you go to the freezer to get the last ice cream bar that you have been craving all day and someone else has taken it.  Then it takes an hour to recover from the frustration/devastation.

You know you’re pregnant when rolling over in bed takes five minutes.

You know you’re pregnant when you silently cheer for making it to your cell phone in the next room before it went to voicemail.  Then you try to catch your breath before saying hello.

That’s the end of my list but I would love to hear how you knew you were pregnant.

Obsolete Words and Laughter

Obsolete Words

This is one of the reasons I love my husband so.  He always makes laugh.  You can check out the the list of 18 Obsolete Words for yourself.  I think they’re pretty hilarious!

What’s one of the things you love about your significant other?