New Pregnancy Law in Pennsylvania

Being a pregnant woman myself, I got a good giggle out of Pennsylvania’s latest law.  Can you guess what it is?

Touching pregnant ladies tummy’s is now illegal in the state of Pennsylvania (source:

What do you think?  Over the line or it’s about time?

You know you’re pregnant when…

You know you're pregnant when...

You know you are pregnant when everything food related on Pinterest makes you sick instead of wanting to pin it.

A friend of mine shared the above “You know you’re pregnant when…” status today and ever since then I keep thinking of more scenarios when you know you’re pregnant.  I hope you’ll enjoy my list and that you’ll add your own in the comments below.

You know you’re pregnant when you get up to pee in the middle of the night and fall asleep on the toilet.

You know you’re pregnant when you’re ready for a snack fifteen minutes after you finished dinner.

You know you’re pregnant when you finally understand what your mom meant when she said, “…and after all I’ve done for you.”

You know you’re pregnant when you are scrubbing the baseboards because the baby can’t come home (months from now) without clean baseboards!

You know you’re pregnant when……..wait what was I talking about again?

You know you’re pregnant when emptying the dishwasher becomes strenuous exercise.

You know you’re pregnant when you go to the freezer to get the last ice cream bar that you have been craving all day and someone else has taken it.  Then it takes an hour to recover from the frustration/devastation.

You know you’re pregnant when rolling over in bed takes five minutes.

You know you’re pregnant when you silently cheer for making it to your cell phone in the next room before it went to voicemail.  Then you try to catch your breath before saying hello.

That’s the end of my list but I would love to hear how you knew you were pregnant.